Let’s talk about Laminate

It’s no secret that at one point laminates were considered man-made, layer and not environmental friendly. Laminate has gotten a bad rap for a lot of products from past decades, but the times have changed!

With competition being stiff due to the introduction of solid surface, laminate makers had to step up their game.  They introduced new patterns, edges, textures and high definition. People have found a renewed interest in the beauty and practicality of laminate. The choices have grown and the materials are budget friendly.

Today’s laminates offer looks that reflect solid surface, granite, wood and more.  Today our kitchens, bathrooms and counter top areas demand more as our lives become busier and in need of quick and easy clean up, yet stand up to everyday life.

Great reasons people are now looking at laminates:

  1. Low maintenance, easy to clean
  2. Budget friendly
  3. Stylish
  4. New patterns and textures
  5. Durable
  6. Picture worthy!

Many of our countertops have been featured in local magazines and our suppliers have been featured nationally.  We are positive we can find a look for you that will fit your lifestyle and budget!

Now more than ever you can find exactly what you are looking for at an affordable price.  Now is the time to contact Hi-Way Custom Counters.

samples of laminate
samples of laminate colors and styles

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